Gruyère de Comté

 Gruyère de Comté – king of the mountain cheeses and one of the most famous French dairy products . It also the largest French cheese.



 Gruyère de Comté is true artisan, hand-made cheese. The production of Comté remains based on traditional methods created eight centuries ago. It means that it can be made only from raw milk which comes from Montbéliarde and Pie-Rouge and transported no more than 25 km to “fruitières” (dairies).

The cheese is cylindrical  with a diameter of 50-75 cm. Comté can weight 55 kg.To produce the one wheel about  500 ml of milk is needed (an average daily milking of 30 cows). The size of the wheels enabled storing the cheese during the hard and long winters in Jura.


It has a tight-knit texture and satiny body which is the result of the (at least) 4-month maturation. But the best Comté cheeses are left to mature for over a year.

And it has natural grainy  golden -brown rind which I like the most in the cheese. The interior is smooth, dense; has creamy color and nutty flavor in winter but  and fruity taste and dark-yellow color in summer.



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