TUREK DAIRY – Polish Brie and Camembert

I used to love TUREK cheeses until I came to NY when I have a chance to  taste French brie (especially that one: http://anjaeatscheese.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/traditional-french-brie/) and Normandy Camembert (http://anjaeatscheese.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/normandy-camembert-basse-normandiedepartement-calavados/) to discover how a white mold cheeses  should really taste, smell and look.

The mild flavor of the cheeses is adapted to Polish consumers’ preferences and they are very popular in Poland.

Brie with dried wild mushrooms

Brie with dried wild mushrooms

My favorite one- Brie with Yogurt

Brie with Yogurt

More variants of  TUREK Dairy’s Brie : http://www.bongrain.pl/en/index/html/category:74/act:product/product:293/id:460/Brie

Smoked Camembert

Smoked Camembert

Smoked Camembert – not bad, but it’s artificially smoked and color comes from beta-carotene

Other variants you can see there: http://www.bongrain.pl/en/index/html/category:74/act:product/product:288/id:460/Camembert

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2 thoughts on “TUREK DAIRY – Polish Brie and Camembert

  1. We will be in Warsaw at the end of April. Would it be possible to visit and buy cheese from the Turek Dairy and have it shipped home as it will the first stop on our trip.

  2. I don’t think so that any visitor are allowed and Turek Dairy doesn’t sell their products online. You can contact them and check if I’m right or wrong. And of course you can visit the town Turek; in June the town organize “Cheese Days”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any website about the town in English.
    The brand is very popular in Poland and easily available in grocery stores in Poland.

    Milewskiego 11 (street)
    62-700 Turek

    tel. +48 63 289 71 00
    fax +48 63 289 71 01
    8:00 AM-4:00 PM

    e-mail: sekretariat@turek.com.pl

    website: http://www.turek.com.pl/en

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