BOERENKASS (Dutch for farmer’s cheese) is the family of  Dutch cheeses, hand-crafted  on the farms which use  only pure unpasteurised milk from their own herds. You can check other BOERENKAAS cheeses on: I think that I have eaten Gouda called WILDE WEIDE – delicious and creamy cheese, which has been made for 25 years  by Roos and Jan van Schie on their farm in Warmond, near Leiden. It is located on a small island known as the Zwanburgerpolder, so can only be reached by boat.

I wish I could try other Dutch Farm Cheeses.

BOEREKASS web in Dutch:

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One thought on “BOERENKASS Raw Milk Gouda

  1. I spent a few weeks staying with some friends who live in Delft and one of the things they did for us was host a small cheese and beer pairing. Everything was amazing!

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