De Murcia al Vino (“The Drunken Goat”)

Another interesting cheese from Spain. Marcia is a region in in southeastern Spain, where  the Murciano-Granadina goats graze on wild grasses and herbs. They are very strong and productive animals and of course their milk is perfect for cheese making. De Murcia al Vino does not have very sophisticated flavor ; it has mild aroma, slightly acid and salty taste. The cheese has an intense red color rind which contrast with its bright white, creamy and elastic texture. The cheese is bathed in local Doble Pasta red wine , made with Mourvedre grapes ; the wine has a strong floral bouquet and adds the unique aroma to the cheese .

I’m a not a wine connoisseur  and  I don’t feel this is  my kind of cheese. De Murcia al Vino has not impressed  my taste buds.

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