Huntsman Cheese

“King of English Cheeses” (I just have discovered that I haven’t written on this blog about Blue Stilton) finds a companion in  Double  Gloucester (  Huntsman is a tradmarked combination of two famous cheeses, invented  the 1980’s by the Long Clawson Dairy in England. It is layered by hand and  layers keep together only if  the cheese is cut into thick slices.

I love Stilton and eat a piece every week. I would compare its flavor to taste of dark chocolate.  Eating Blue Stilton is total indulgence.

I like the combination of the cheeses when they are melted, they look beautifully and taste great.  But my first choice will be always Stilton alone; Double  Gloucester is good option when I’m craving “heavier” cheese but the English Cheddars are more satisfying and flavorful so I rather melt one of them onto my sourdough bread.

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